October 17, 2017

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  • Protect yourself from identity theft with Identity Guard

    In May 2016, our agency was briefed on a very real threat, identity theft, and how this could potentially impact our clients, friends, family & partners we do business with. With all the transactions that are occurring each and every day, identity theft is not going away. This crime recently affected 700,000 Nebraskans alone because of a recent breach with a large credit bureau. Fortunately, there’s a solution to help keep your identity safe. Gary Thompson Agency partnered with the experts, Identity Guard, to plan for situations like this. We trust our own identity protection with Identity Guard and encourage you to do the same. It's affordable, effective, and protects your most precious information.

    Identity Guard offers various plans for you to choose a protection plan that best suits your needs. In addition, Identity Guard is launching with Watson. This will provide additional coverage so that you know more, sooner.

    Whether you’re an individual, have a family, or have a business and would like to purchase for yourself or offer this to your entire staff, Identity Guard has a solution for you. All of this is available at some of the lowest rates to protect your identity, starting at $2.70/month.*

    Ready to Sign up?

    Click here if you’re interested in Individual or Family coverage. You can simply sign up directly from our website.

    Contact your agent or click here if you’re an Employer who is interested in offering this service as an Employee Benefit for your company and we'll be in touch soon.

    *Not all companies, including Identity Guard, can prevent all types of identity theft. Pricing varies by plan selected.

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